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My 30th birthday is today (October 22nd).  Wow I can’t believe it.  I never did a 30 by 30 bucket list, so last night I came up with my 31 by 31 bucket list.  I have always wanted to have a food blog of food I make and food I eat while out at restaurants.  So this is where I plan to start.

I also want to try 31 different foods throughout the year, as well as try a month (with 31 days) of being a vegetarian.

Taking a cooking class and perfecting my chocolate cupcake recipe is also on the list, both of which I hope to chronicle here in this blog.  This blog will also allow me to get some one my 31 minutes of writing in, although I will not writing here everyday, I hope to do so at least 1-2 times per week.

Below is my bucket list.  If any one has any suggestions on how to complete these, please leave me a comment.

Thanks & Happy Blogging!

31 by 31 Bucket List – to be completed by October 22, 2013

  1. Start a food blog.  Food I’ve cooked or eaten out at restaurants.  This can include desserts (and cupcakes!)
  2. Save enough $$ for a down payment on a place of my own
  3. Lose 31(+) pounds before Greg & Mariana’s Wedding (Oct. 27th 2013)
  4. Finish & submit application to graduate school to start my MLS or MBA
  5. Take a cooking class
  6. Take a trip to Nashville
  7. Read 31 books (as of 11/13 = 30 books)
  8. Take a trip somewhere (anywhere) west of the Mississippi River.
  9. Participate in Habitat for Humanity or Homes for our Troops
  10. Get my 2nd tattoo.  A yellow butterfly to honor my great-grandmother.
  11. Compile all my grandmother’s recipes and make a family cook book
  12. Write a letter to myself to read at the age of 40
  13. Go Zip-Lining/Canopy Tour
  14. Take myself on a long weekend get-away.  Stay in a nice hotel and just enjoy the sites of the local area (someplace I have never been.)
  15. Start writing (and finish) a novel (75,000+ words)
  16. Have a business card made
  17. Try 31 foods I have never had before (as of 11/13 = 30 new foods)
  18. Become a vegetarian (for a month with 31 days)
  19. Set aside 31 minutes every day to write (anything)
  20. Tour the Library of Congress
  21. Complete the Couch to 5k
  22. Each month try to clean out one room in our house of things we don’t need/no longer use and donate them if they can be reused by someone.
  23. Pay off at one credit card
  24. Go kayaking past the Custom House @ Balch Lake…  Try to make it to Stump Pond.
  25. Get together more often with friends
  26. Walk the entire Freedom Trail
  27. See Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk at the Omni Theater
  28. Learn yoga and actually enjoy the experience (that could technically be two items, but I’m making it one)
  29. Attend a Professional Development seminar
  30. Perfect my chocolate cupcake recipe
  31. Optional

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